The Pirate Wore White

The Laced Ladies of Black Point proves to be another unique historical romance series set in the Americas in the early 18th century. The first story, The Pirate Wore White is a splinter from the successful Captains of the Scarlet Night series and introduces a cast of formidably strong heroines and tells each of their stories within the intricate weaving of the series' tale of intrigue, mystery and discovery. 

Laced Ladies of Black Point

The Pirate Wore White

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“Another amazing read by Lisa! I love how descriptive this book was! I could see the lace and smell the saltwater in my mind! Lisa’s books always make me feel like I’m on vacation somewhere fun. The book was fun and saucy and just what I needed after a long work day! I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves sexy novels, pirates or both!”


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Alicia Steele is the daughter of a pirate. Adventure is what she craves. It’s in her blood. Escaping a loveless marriage and eager to claim her destiny she travels across the wide ocean to the elegant coastal village of North Carolina known as Black Point, where, by pure grit and determination, Alicia claims her heritage as a captain.

Richard Dunbar is adrift. After the ship he was charged to protect was stolen and he unceremoniously tied naked to the dock by those doing the stealing, his disgrace and dismissal from the Royal Navy was guaranteed. It’s only because of his father’s money he wasn’t cast aside by society, as well. Too rich to ignore, too poor to matter, Richard finds his only solace at the bottom of a cut-crystal bottle of the finest brandy. And now he’s forced by social protocol to watch his best friend’s sister, the “forbidden” girl who’s stolen his heart, walk down the aisle to marry some prig. It’s more than one man should have to bear.

But when Alicia vanishes, it’s Richard who sets out to find her with a promise to her family he will bring her back and stay sober until he does. Traveling clear across an entire ocean, he finds her… at least she looks the same and answers to Alicia, but what he finds is a once-pampered society woman hell-bent on following some foolish notion of becoming a pirate come hell or high water… or in her case, both.

Pirate Romance, Historical Romance

The Pirate Wore White

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