In a departure from her pirates and happily ever afters, Lisa Olech takes to the sky in a new historical fiction set during World War II and introduces her readers to a regiment of heroes the enemy called “witches”.

On Wings of Silence

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Raisa Basov is cursed as a witch -- a Night Witch. A decorated pilot of the Russian 46th Taman Guard Bomber Regiment during WWII, Raisa dances with death each time her PO-2 climbs into the dark sky. Her only course is to do her duty as a proud patriot and stay alive so she can continue to care for her family already overcome by war. After an icy crash, Raisa faces a night of terror and sorrow as death waltzes past one more time and brings chilling footsteps in the snowy silence.

US Army medic, Calvin Elliott dreams of returning home, joining his father's practice, and scrubbing his mind of the horrors he's seen of this damned war. All he has to do is survive. Lost and disoriented in a squall, a sniper tries to send him home early -- in a box, but fortunately for Calvin, the guy is a lousy shot. Finding shelter in the blown out remains of a barn, he works to stitch himself back together and not freeze to death, before looking up into the barrel of a pistol and a pair of dark eyes.

As allies, Calvin and Raisa join forces to survive, evade the Germans, and make their way back to their regiments; losing their hearts somewhere along the way. A story of patriotism and loyalty, On Wings of Silence speaks to the sacrifices of war, uncertainty of life, and the hard truth that sometimes the whispered hope of forever falls into the silence of lost dreams.

Historical FICTION

On Wings of Silence

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