Skullery Bay: Widow's Walk

A truly unique M.A.P. (Multi Author Project) where pirates and historical romance meets and blends seamlessly into modern day. Encompassing four separate centuries, paranormal activity, and the voices of four award-winning authors, the Ghosts of New England series truly has something for everyone.

Ghosts of New England

Sue, Amazon Reader

“Wow!! Four marvelous stories all in one place. I love how each story builds on the previous ones. Great characters and tough conflicts bring these books to life. The setting of the New England coast is wonderful and perfect for each of these tales.”


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Widow’s Walk (1737)
RITA nominee & Best Selling Author, Lisa A. Olech

He’s the infamous pirate, Captain John Jacob Wilder.
She’s the daughter of his fiercest enemy.
Their love is the beginning of the legend.

Cast to the Wind and Waves (1837)
Best Selling & Award-Winning Author, Kathryn Hills

She’s the heiress determined to restore Fairwinds to its former glory.
He’s the solicitor working as a caretaker because of the deadly curse.
Their love will rebuild the legend.

The Bootlegger’s Daughter (1924)
Best Selling & Award Winning Author, Nancy Fraser

She’s the daughter of one of the FBI’s most wanted criminals.
He’s her bodyguard, and not at all what he seems.
Their love will return dignity to the legend.

Jilly’s Dilemma (Present Day)
Best Selling & Award-Winning Author, Nancy Fraser

She’s the new owner of Fairwinds, a flaky artist who talks to ghosts. Repeatedly.
He’s the staid, young professor there to document Fairwinds' history.
Their love will make you believe in the legend.

The Final Kiss (Grand Epilogue)
RITA nominee & Best Selling Author, Lisa A. Olech

Is Fairwinds their heaven or their hell? Lily and Jake come together once more and make the ultimate decision to stay… or to go. 

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Widow’s Walk (1737)

Captain John Jacob (Jake) Wilder wanted the estate known as Fairwinds at any price. Like any pirate worth this share, maybe he’d just steal it. He had grand plans to build his private pirate domain and hide his wealth and mysteries beneath the sprawling grounds of Fairwinds. But soon the magic of the grand house and a kiss of a beautiful woman had him planning a life, a home, and a passion-filled future with a treasure he never dreamed of having–a wife!

Lillian Grace Langdon lived in the shadowed edges of her family, surrounded by memories of a charmed life that had tarnished and faded in the sea air after her mother died. Meeting the dashing Captain Wilder had been like stepping back into the sunshine. The fact that he was a rogue and a pirate despised by her father only added a rebellious heat to that light. Together they grew to deeply love one another as well as the treasured estate, and soon returned Fairwinds back into the magical place it once was. Full of love, happiness, and a brilliant future.

But the winds of fate shifted like the tide, and one stormy night Jake and Lily were cast apart and blown from each other’s arms forever. Anguish and sadness filled the halls of Fairwinds and threatened to return the estate to an empty shell. But Lily and Jake proved their love was stronger than death, their souls immortal, and their story became the breath and heartbeat of the grand estate. They became the legend of Fairwinds. It was their haven. Their heaven. Their port in every storm. A fierce blow might have ultimately taken their lives, but it took those same wild winds to unlock the secrets and open the door to their impassioned reunions for eternity.

Paranormal Historical Romance Anthology

An anthology unlike any other… 4 Different Centuries. 4 To-Die-For Romances. The Same 2 Ghosts!

Skullery Bay: Widow's Walk

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